Discover Identifai's state-of-the-art AI Vision system and create and learn with Lunai, your intelligent assistant.

Lunai, our AI Assistant Solution by Stellai

At Stellai, we leverage Lunai to develop and customize AI assistants tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. Lunai is not just a platform; it's a robust infrastructure that combines advanced AI technologies with scalable and secure systems, allowing us to create intelligent AI solutions that integrate seamlessly with your existing workflows and data sources.

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Lunai ensures top-notch safety and security with local data processing, keeping your information protected and compliant with local regulations. This local approach enhances data security and improves response times and reliability.

With support for multiple languages, voice interactions, and multimedia capabilities, Lunai offers comprehensive and flexible solutions. It remembers past interactions to ensure seamless communication, making it an ideal tool for various applications, from customer service to internal support.

Experience the transformative power of Lunai, a customized AI infrastructure designed to enhance efficiency and user experience in your organization.

AI chatbot Lunai

Your companies know it all assistant. In your pocket.


Set up and name your organization's new AI colleague personality and service level.

Always available!

The assistance you need, when you need it. 24/7.


Understands and communicate in many languages.

Keep your data safe

Webpages, documents, files, API to other platforms and solution.

AI Assistants Powered by Lunai and ready for your business

Modern Lean Agile facilitator

Lyrai is your Modern Lean Agile facilitator trained on your processes and goals, designed to streamline and enhance business processes using advanced NLP and machine learning.

Machine maintenance expert

Ragnar is your AI maintenance expert trained on your machine fleet and Total Productive Maintenance, designed to optimize your machinery performance.

Available 24/7 and knows your business!

Customizing AI Assistants for you is our passion.

We offer the ideal combination of technology, expert training, advanced models, and a strong commitment to data privacy and security.

Real-Time Detection

IdentifAI by Stellai is a state-of-the-art AI solution designed to revolutionize real-time detection, monitoring, and analysis in various environments.

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IdentifAI is not just a single-purpose tool; it's a flexible, customizable system. This allows us to create tailored vision detection solutions for diverse applications.

Our system utilizes advanced computer vision algorithms, seamlessly integrated with your machinery to provide continuous, real-time monitoring. IdentifAI's offering enhanced realtime recognition, and processing tailored datasets for optimal detection.

Our technology combines hardware and software to deliver unparalleled performance.

IdentifAI offers real-time statistical insights and geo-location tracking, ensuring comprehensive monitoring and immediate action.

Furthermore, all data and statistical analyses are autonomously managed by Lunai, our generative AI assistant platform. Lunai continuously learns and processes data, providing accurate and actionable insights.

Fire Prevention in Recycling Facilities

Yes, it's true! IdentifAI helps recycling companies detect and prevent the most common cause of fires: batteries.

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IdentifAI Battery

Built upon state-of-the-art technology and rigorous training, IdentifAI provides real-time detection and monitoring, specifically targeting battery-induced fire risks. This system is mounted directly on the machines where materials are handled, offering unparalleled capability to identify potential hazards before they escalate. IdentifAI actively assists operators in detecting batteries within waste, ensuring immediate action can be taken to prevent fires.

AI vision contact for recycling

IdentifAI General Mobile

IdentifAI General is our innovative mobile app that seamlessly integrates Lunai's AI capabilities with IdentifAI's advanced detection technology.

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IdentifAI General

dentifAI General transforms your smartphone into a powerful tool for detection and monitoring your specific needs.

IdentifAI General is perfect for a wide range of applications. From conducting Safetywalks and ensuring order and cleanliness to iventory control and beyond.


14/8 2023

Knowit presents "our AI-driven tech" at Arendalsuka!

AI is set to be as big as the industrial revolution. It's not about if businesses and companies can benefit from AI and digital twins anymore; it's about how.


14/9 2023

Stellai presents Autonomous sorting with robotics and AI at Techpoint Kristiansand

Our experts Trygve and Kristoffer will be there to guide you and show real-life demos. Get a firsthand look at AI in action! We can't wait to share tools and insights to help your business.


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