United in Passion, Defined by Innovation

Stellai is a Norwegian technology company, founded on creating shared values.

We are specialized in artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics solutions.

Our focus is to help various industries leverage these technologies to enhance quality, safety, efficiency, sustainability, and innovation.

Our vision: Shaping a smarter, sustainable future.

Zero Waste Design

Every Stellai solution reflects our dedication to sustainability and continuous improvement.

Our approach is guided by four key principles: Safety, Care, Continuous Improvement, and Continuous Value Delivery.

Each solution we provide is crafted with these principles, ensuring sustainability and a lasting, positive impact in all our operations.

Our team

Our multidisciplinary team brings together decades of expertise in academic research, AI and tech innovation, environmental innovation, process efficiency, technical engineering, management, mechatronics, and much more.

It's a broad spectrum, but our shared commitment to harnessing technology for a sustainable future unifies us.