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14/8 2023

Knowit presents "our AI-driven tech" at Arendalsuka!

AI is set to be as big as the industrial revolution. It's not about if businesses and companies can benefit from AI and digital twins anymore; it's about how.


14/9 2023

Stellai presents Autonomous sorting with robotics and AI at Techpoint Kristiansand

Our experts Trygve and Kristoffer will be there to guide you and show real-life demos. Get a firsthand look at AI in action! We can't wait to share tools and insights to help your business.


Integrated AI solutions for your industry


Real-time recognition of objects and materials with unparalleled visual accuracy.

Designed for optimal performance:

On Ground, In Air & Under Water.

IdentifAI Mobile

Your workplace hero helps you:

  • Identifies potential hazards
  • Streamline inventory
  • Securing a safer workplace
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