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Stellai Robotics

Our robotic technology combines AI vision, generative AI, reinforcement learning adapted to our neural network and operating
system, enabling continuous improvement and seamless integration with a wide range of robots in various industries.

3D synthetic data and images

By simulating varied shapes and forms combined with high-resolution images, we expand the learning range for our algorithm.

AI algorithms for recognition & tracking

Combining algorithms, we can improve the accuracy in identifying and tracking even the smallest variations in quality.

Reinforcement learning

With reinforcement learning and our own adapted operating system, enabling continuous improvement and seamless adaptation to new environments.


Real-time AI Recognition for your business

On Land: IdentifAI enables precise object and material recognition in a range of settings, from industrial areas to urban landscapes.

In the Air: With drone integration, IdentifAI provides expansive aerial views, ideal for large-scale monitoring and analysis in various sectors.

Underwater: IdentifAI's underwater capabilities offer accurate detection and analysis, useful for exploring and monitoring marine environments.

IdentifAI™ embedded Brain

Leverage the power of our hardware unique architecture, advanced deep learning, and vision accelerators. Enjoy seamless integration with the latest technology and our AI deep learning vision software, ensuring unmatched recognition.

Beyond seeing, IdentfAI is integrated with detailed statistics and generative AI analytics, transforming visuals into actionable insights.

IdentifAI™ Mobile

Plug and play solution tailored for diverse industries.

Identifying defects instantly, and ensuring a safer workspace.

Streamline inventory and product identification with ease.

Perform quality checks on the go.

Beyond recognition, it provides on-the-spot statistics, AI-driven analysis, and actionable insights.

Stellai Cloud

Smart cloud system for Stellai products

Real-time statistical insights & Geo Locations
Continuous learning simultaneously
Analysis processing through generative AI
Autonomous AI decision-making from results

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