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Ongoing Projects

Waste picking Robotics at Norway's premier hospital

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The future of waste management, crafting autonomous AI waste sorting robots using cutting-edge technology, exclusively for Norway's premier hospital.

Early MVP from our innovation Lab

Advanced reinforcement learning and AI vision drive precision in pick-and-place tasks.

IdentifAI™ in recycling sites

IdentifAI has many possibilities! Here is a good example.

Breakthrough for operators

IdentifAI detects even the slightest hazardous components, ensuring their safe removal.

Plus, IdentifAI offers real-time AI-driven analytics.

IdentifAI Mobile in construction site

We solve time-consuming work in the construction industry

1. Safety and quality rounds 💪

2. Sorting waste material 🤳

3. Inventory control ✌

Are you within the construction industry and are a bit curious about how AI could benefit you?

If you have an idea or need assistance with a project, please reach out to us!